Do you suspect your significant other, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or new prospect, of having secret online profiles?
CyberPeye is a new startup that offers online dating detective services specifically geared towards today’s many dating sites. We do the extensive digging for you so you don’t have to. CyberPeye has become pretty good at finding online cheaters. We search a tremendous number of today’s dating sites to see if they are online behind your back.

So you just know they are online but have no proof. How do you go through all the endless dating sites out there to put your mind at ease?  How can you search them all? Not to mention you probably want to avoid looking like a crazy person! And that’s where we come in. We are very good at what we do, applying internet technology, face recognition software, and human experience. Our investigations can confirm or deny your suspicions and put your mind at ease once and for all. We also send you alerts on each step and we provide reports if a matching profile is found.

Do you guarantee you will find him/her 100% ?

We cannot guarantee 100%, but neither can any detective or law enforcement! However, if they are online we will most likely find them. And if we can’t find a match we still report a list of few people who are very close match, at least 97% and up, for you to see. That way we don’t miss anyone that closely resembles him or her!

How do we scan such a huge number of websites databases?
In addition to face recognition, we consider the suspects gender, race, age, geographical location, among other items.

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